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Keystone Remodeling Kitchen Process

Step 1

Consultation & First Presentation 

The Keystone Remodeling team visits your home to view the space, take measurements and discuss your wishes for the new design. A first presentation is scheduled for 1-2 weeks after the consultation where we will present a 3D drawing of the proposed kitchen design and review the project contract for the design presented. We will also view the cabinetry offerings available. 

At the close of this meeting this meeting, you may… 

1. Sign-off on drawings and contract to place your order (move to step 4) • Please Note: Selections in Step 3 will need to be provided before ordering 

2. Retain Keystone Remodeling to keep working on your project (move to step 2) 

3. Take contract home to review (move to step 2 when you are ready) 

Please Note: No drawings will be released until the order is placed or Keystone Remodeling is retained for the project

Step 2

Consultation & First Presentation 

Retainer Agreement 

At the end of the first presentation, we will present you with our retainer agreement which allows Keystone Remodeling to continue to work on your project. This retainer will be credited back to your cabinetry purchase and will be deducted from the cabinetry deposit due at the time of order.

Step 3

Design Selections 

Now is the time to start finalizing designs and selections including layouts, wood species, door styles, finishes, appliances, & plumbing fixtures. The Keystone Remodeling team will be there to help you coordinate these selections and can recommend local vendors and showrooms to source from. 

Keystone Remodeling will need the following selections before cabinetry can be ordered… 

  • Cabinetry wood species, door style & finish selections 
  • Model numbers for all appliance selections (new or existing) 
  • Model numbers for all sinks and faucets 

Please Note: Dependent on design, Keystone Remodeling may require additional selections such as countertops, flooring etc. be provided before cabinetry can be ordered.

Step 4

Design Approval, Contracts & Ordering

Once the selections in step 3 have been finalized, the Keystone Remodeling team will prepare the final drawings and contracts for your approval. The deposit for cabinetry (less retainer deposit if applicable) is due. All cabinetry is made to order with a lead time of 9-12 weeks.

Step 5

Design Selections

Now that cabinetry has been ordered, final decisions for the below selections will need to be made. The Keystone Remodeling team will be there to help you coordinate these selections and can recommend local vendors and showrooms to source from. We recommend finalizing these as soon as possible to avoid potential project delays due backorders or extended lead times.

Keystone Remodeling will need the following selections before construction can begin…

  • Hardware
  • Countertops
  • Tile
  • Paint/Wallcovers
  • Flooring
  • Lighting

Step 6

Construction, Delivery & Installation

To work as efficiently as possible, the construction schedule will be planned around the firm delivery date for cabinetry (9-12 weeks from order). The Keystone Remodeling team will work with you to determine a construction schedule and timeline based on the scope of your project.

Step 7

Project Close-Out, Move-In & Review

Finally, you get to move into your space! Once work is complete, the project is closed out and you will receive your product warranties and care sheets. Please leave us a review on Google or Facebook!