Transom Window Trends in Remodel Projects

Transom Window Trends in Remodel Projects

Transom Windows of Opportunities

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Adds light-Transom Windows

Want to add dimension, light, comfort and appeal to a dull area or  small space in your home?  Or enable air to cool down or warm up adjacent rooms, hallways or a closed-in space?  If you answered a resounding yes! – you’ve no doubt considered Transom Windows in your latest remodeling design.  What a wonderful choice!

Transom windows appear in “outside” walls, over doors allowing light into hallways and entry vestibules. They may be found in older buildings constructed prior to electric lighting, atop bedroom or formal public room doorways. Historically, their main purpose was air movement-through the pulling of warmer ceiling air from the room while pulling cooler outside air into the room. In many cases transom windows functioned as ventilation appearing mostly in posh, wealthy traditional style homes.   Transom’s windows and doors hold present popularity & trend, having maintained their appeal while yet still gaining momentum with more and more homeowners.

In addition to function and architectural appeal, Transom’s offer other unique features: Open/close to give just a little more access/privacy to an adjacent interior room or outdoor view, patio, veranda, deck. They provide the security of a locked/closed door, while allowing air to be pulled through, saving energy by channeling light into dark spaces while complimenting any room or space with a visual design that serves the homeowners taste and intentions

Transom Window Trends:

Today, modern production styles and techniques make beautiful TW’s accessible and affordable for any home.  Transoms are increasingly used for their distinctive decorative attractiveness.  Another popular current trend is installing them above openings between rooms adding definition and separating spaces while still maintaining a sense of openness.

As in their traditional role, transom windows are still useful when placed over interior doors. TW’s heightens openings, bringing large walls or tall ceilings back into balance. TW’s are very impressive when strategically placed over entry doors, french doors, expanding interior space allowing light to flow deeper into a home’s interior.  Whatever your intentions, Transom’s emphasize dimension, light, and artistry – adding shape, appeal and quality to your home. Ranging from simple to elegant there’s many material construct designs, styles, and sizes, shapes or theme patterns to enhance your personal decorating motifs or style.  (i.e. plain, colored, beveled, textured, or stained, with shapes, symbols or patterns).  Transom’s connect rooms, create intimate and comfortable ambiance and their construction tastes & ideas are limited only by your imagination.  Enter the gateways and portals of transom!

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Transom Windows add dimension
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Ambiance/Light Transom Windows

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