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A bathroom facelift is one of the most popular areas of the home to remodel today. Here’ s some great tips to jump start your bathroom remodel. For additional ideas, check out the pictures of remodeled bathrooms in our galleryhttp://localhost:8888/keystoneback/bathroomsgallery.html

Update your fixtures: Although the look of a toilet hasn’t changed much over the years, sinks, showers, and bathtubs have become fancier and more stylish. Vessel sinks are very popular and come in a wide variety of colors and materials. Shower stalls have become sleek and glass-enclosed, while tubs can be vintage or modern to match the mood of your bathroom. If you purchase low-water fixtures, they will also lower your water costs and energy bills (by using less hot water).

Do a color makeover: Chances are your bathroom was decorated in the colors that were popular when your house was built. Is it pink? Turquoise? Bright yellow? Even a quick and inexpensive repainting job would be an improvement. However, replacing the tile and countertop would really give the place a new look. But choose fairly neutral colors; they age better.

Add light: See if there are ways to bring in more natural light through windows or skylights. Natural light will save on energy costs, and it makes you feel better. Next, turn to artificial light. Be sure to have ambient lights recessed in the ceiling and task lighting over the shower/tub and sink. Place mirrors strategically to amplify the existing light, making your bathroom feel more spacious and airy.

Think relaxation: Lots of homeowners want their bathrooms to feel like a soothing retreat from the world. Consider light blues and whites for a calming feeling and put the lights on a dimmer switch. Soothing music can be piped in by installing a sound system (one that can stand up to humidity). For luxurious spa-like features, plan for a steam room, shower with multiple water jets, or a jetted tub.

Use natural materials: Natural stone such as travertine and granite are very popular bathroom products used today…stay away from acrylic shower surrounds and particle board vanities. Instead, consider ceramic, recycled glass, or stone tiles in the shower or on the floor. Cabinets and floors can be made from bamboo – a sustainable, fast growing grass. Even sink basins can be made of pottery, carved marble, bronze, or stone mosaic.

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