Simple Basement Storage Solution

Like water seeks its own level, empty space in a home seeks its own fill. So it’s not much of a surprise that one of the first hurdles homeowners face when finishing their unfinished basement is what to do with all of their accumulated “stuff.”  There are two approaches that one can take:

1)      Rent a dumpster and start throwing “stuff” away.

2)      Plan to leave a dedicated area in the basement for well organized, efficient storage.

Actually, a combination of the two is the best answer: 3) Use the basement build out as a great time to clean out the clutter, but no need to throw the baby out with the bath water.

With that in mind, here at Keystone Remodeling, we recommend homeowners dedicate an area of unfinished space for their storage needs.  During the planning/design phase of the project, look for an area with limited utility for living space, or any area that has excessive obstacles in the ceiling or walls. Often this space is adjacent to mechanical (such as HVAC unit and water heater).

There are any number of organization systems on the market to accomplish this task, available at any number of price points. At Keystone, experience has taught us that keeping it simple can provide sturdy, functional, and versatile storage.  We will often go in to a basement build out prior to the start of major construction and build storage shelves in the designated storage area. These shelves are constructed of common building materials, such as 2×4’s and OSB plywood; keeping cost low, and materials readily available.

worley photo

Combining the shelves with various plastic storage bins, some labeling materials, and you have a clean, organized storage space that will span the test of time. Whether you have an obvious spot to incorporate storage space, or need some help finding a functional location, we at Keystone Remodeling are happy to help.


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