Screened Porch


The addition of a screened porch to your home is an excellent way to take advantage of the nice spring and fall weather. With relative ease, your existing deck can be converted into a screened porch. Or, if you want a more elaborate semi-outdoor oasis, you can add features like a fireplace or TV.

Cedar Porch pic 1

The above picture shows a screened porch with exposed cedar beams and posts, giving the space a rustic look and feel. Setting the cedar beams against white spruce roof decking make for a nice visual contrast. In addition to being pleasant to look at, cedar is one of the best materials to use because of its insect and weather resistance.

At Keystone Remodeling, we don’t just remodel indoor spaces. If you’re looking to create a more pleasant and functional outside area, get in touch with us. Let us help you create that outdoor haven you have always dreamed of.


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