Quartz vs. Granite Countertops

Granite is a natural material, resulting from minerals and stones being pressed together at high temperatures within the Earth. Quartz, on the other hand, is an engineered material comprised of quartz crystals and resin. While both materials are quite popular for use as countertops, each has unique benefits and drawbacks. If you find yourself trying to decide whether granite or quartz is right for you, consider the following:

Granite slabs


Because quartz counter tops are man made, their color and pattern tend to be very uniform. This can be a huge advantage when trying to match seams between the pieces of quartz. Granite, however, is quite varied in color and pattern, which is part of its charm. But bear in mind that the natural variations in granite make it more difficult to match consistently.


Granite has a reputation for being very hard and strong, as well as highly heat resistant. While quartz can be similarly durable, it does not have the same level of heat resistance. If you are looking to remodel your kitchen, you should consider whether quartz will be able to stand up to the temperatures.

Quartz slab

Despite not having the same level of heat resistance, quartz is nonporous, preventing the growth of mold and bacteria. It’s also stain resistant, and does not ever need to be sealed. Conversely, granite is porous, leaving it susceptible to spills, and needs to be regularly cleaned to prevent stains and bacteria growth. Granite also needs to be sealed upon installation, and resealed at least annually.


There isn’t much cost difference between the two products, though price variations for proximity and labor will impact the price. However, the long-term maintenance costs is less with quartz because no additional sealing is required.


Deciding whether granite or quartz is a better fit for your remodel can be tough. Here at Keystone Remodeling we’re happy to assist you in weighing the pros and cons of both, and help find which product will work for you for years to come.

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