Porcelain Tile with Wood Finish

Porcelain Tile with Wood Finish

    Discover the trend in porcelain tile with wood finish appearances. You can enjoy the warm look and feel of wood floors but the durability of tile. Porcelain offers many attractive options available in size, color and price that can fit anyone’s budget. You will find these tiles at your Big Box stores, Outlet Tiles Stores or custom order from your local specialty tile showroom.

Practical uses, design options & suggestions:

  • Installing porcelain “wood like” tile will not reduce your home’s value for resale purposes.
  • For the natural “design finish” stagger porcelain tiles and keep a very small grout line.
  • What’s the best choice for the function of the space…?  A: How you plan to live in it.
  • Generally tile is a bit colder on the feet. Radiant heating installed underneath the tile help to keep bath floor warm and reduces the potential for areas that succumb to mold & mildew.
  • Practical choice for high-traffic, spill-prone areas i.e. kitchens, doorways & bathrooms.

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Now that you’ve seen the beauty and expanse of porcelain let’s take a dive deeper into planning.  Porcelain tile in all its beauty, is durable (strong) and can be used inside and outside in kitchens, bathrooms, on back-splashes, on top of counters, high traffic areas in and around the home. While the cost may be a little higher than ceramic tile initially, consider the fact that it will last for years and more than likely not have to be replaced.  *Porcelain tile can be rather difficult to install for the average person; an expert in flooring may need to be consulted. At a cost of $3 to $10 per square foot, as such, installation is usually best left to professionals.

Most of all buying porcelain tile can be a lot of fun if the buyer knows exactly what he or she is looking for, and purchasing porcelain tile will add to the value of any home and keep it lovely for many years to come.  Porcelain is a denser, more porous, and harder option that offers greater stain and water resistance and can mimic natural stone varieties, such as granite and limestone. Porcelain tile is harder than ceramic and therefore more resistant to cracks and stains. Newer designs draw inspiration from exotic locales and fashion runways, with surfaces that evoke leather, fabric, even animal prints.  Porcelain tile is great for cold weather climates because it’s harder and denser, and won’t let moisture in so if it gets wet frequently, and won’t affect the life of the tile or the tile’s appearance.

There are two basic types of porcelain tile:

Through-bodied:  color and texture run all the way through this type of tile, disguising chips or scratches. Strong and durable, it contains no glaze that can wear off. It’s suitable for floors, walls, and counter-tops.

Glazed: This tile is completely covered in a wear layer or hard finish that is typically colored. It’s strong and dense and offers the widest range of colors and designs.



Indoor tiles come in a range of sizes from porcelain mosaic tiles that are 1×1 and up. Perfect for indoor use and high traffic area’s and rooms i.e. entrances, exits, mudrooms, bathrooms and kitchens, indoor porcelain tiles come in so many styles and colors that it’s easy to find the absolute perfect tPorcelain-Wood-Plank-Tile-Polishedype of tile for the space and area desired.


Porcelain Tiles are water resistant, so it’s a great choice for the bathroom. Style choices range from floral to abstract print to colorful porcelain tiles and many other kinds! Buyers should have no problem finding a perfect fit. Larger tiles are suitable for flooring and smaller tiles can be used in the tub and shower area. The smaller tiles, called porcelain “mosaic tile”, are typically used on bathroom walls in the shower and sink areas. These come in a wide variety of colors and styles.


Porcelain kitchen tiles are a perfect mix of beauty and practicality. For flooring, kitchen tiles can be found that match a certain style such as granite porcelain tiles, or wooden porcelain tiles. Porcelain tiles for the kitchen can be made to look like just about any type of materials with fire resistant as an added bonus. The buyer can look for porcelain mosaic tiles for back-splashes in the kitchen, or of course, porcelain kitchen tiles for the floor.


Outdoor porcelain tiles are perfect around a pool, patio area.  Their water resistant nature is why they’re commonly used in and around pools. Outdoor tiles can be any shape, size, style or design preference.usage_pool_generic


porcelain tiles, called Talavera tiles, are a popular and common choice for their outdoor use. These beautiful and colorful tiles are hand painted and unique and come in many colors and designs. They can even be used as accents along with other solid colored tiles for a beautiful effect in the pool area. They come in many sizes and are easy to care for.


There are two distinct types of porcelain tiles: glazed porcelain tile and unglazed porcelain tile. For indoor use, glazed tile is recommended due to the shiny and lustrous finish it offers. Also, glazed tile is a bit more resistant to household stains due to the layer of glaze over them, and very simple to clean and maintain for those areas that get a lot of use in the home. Unglazed tile is recommended for outside, because it is more slip-resistant in case of inclement weather, holds up to extreme temperatures well, and hold up to a lot of wear. They offer a lot more traction and could prevent accidents in potentially unsafe areas such as around the pool or patio where there could potentially be water or ice.


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