Kitchen Cabinet Designs-3 box constructions

Kitchen Cabinet Designs

When kitchen cabinets are a part of your remodel its essential that you know  the differences in the basic Kitchen Cabinet Designs 3 box constructions.  Homeowners choose their design options based on functionality,  construction base, and aesthetic appearance among other factors when selecting a kitchen cabinet design.

3 Box Constructions:

Full Overlay (FOL) kitchen cabinet design

This is a face frame cabinet where the doors are attached to the face frame of the cabinetry.  These doors/drawers cover the majority of the frame.  They have a slight reveal (3/16”) and usually don’t require a center stile.  These style cabinets can range from a traditional door to modern style door. (kitchen cabinet remodel1)


Overlay design


Overlay 2


*Difference in Overlay and Inset shown










Frame-less kitchen cabinet design

This is a European style construction that does not have a face frame.  The doors are attached to the cabinet box and have almost no reveal.  Frame-less gives you full access to the cabinets and offers the most usable space within a cabinet. (kitchen cabinet remodel2)

Frameless1Frameless2Full overlay on a frameless cabinet

Inset kitchen cabinet design

Inset cabinets doors/drawers are mounted flush to the face frame of the cabinet.  This style cabinet can have both concealed or exposed decorative hinging.  They can also have a beaded inset within the frame.  Inset Cabinetry requires more labor manufacturing and installing do the cost is usually 20% higher. (kitchen cabinet remodel 3)

Inset 2

A fair majority of homeowners are novice when it comes to the designing aspect of kitchens with the myriad of functionality options available. They’re great in knowing the “look” they want but not a whole lot after that.  With functionality leading the way, there’s a few more essential parts to be considered when selecting cabinetry for your new kitchen. With variations of construction materials to choose from  (i.e. solid wood, particle board, plywood, MDF-Medium Density Fiberboard) that go into the construction of your cabinets.  Choosing your design, material & construction will include the drawers, doors, shelves cabinet box & frames. Methods for building and assembling cabinets will vary based on manufacturer and the level of quality you pay for.  Enjoy a professional and exciting experience of building ideas and options.  Keystone Remodeling, LLC  is available to explore your brand new kitchen design.



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