Is an Undercounter Ice Maker For You?

An ice machine is a great appliance to incorporate into a main floor kitchen remodel or a new basement kitchen or bar…especially if you do a lot of entertaining or if you and your family plan to spend a lot of time in the newly finished basement.

Just remember that unless you have a an existing floor drain available in the correct location (which you probably don’t) or unless you are planning to cut the concrete slab and install a floor drain in the correct location (which you probably are not) then you must buy a model that comes equipped with its own internal pump. Ice machines run constantly, re-circulating water. Some of that water is sent back to the ice trays while a lot of it is discharged from the machine altogether. In commercial applications, floor drains are most often in place to handle this but in a residential application they almost never are. Therefore the water that is being discharged, or drained, is pumped through a hose that empties into a sink drain (very similar to how a dishwasher drains).

While ice machines can be very convenient to have, there are other drawbacks that you may want to consider:

  1. All that constant re-circulating of water is noisy and can be a distraction for some people.
  2. Ice machines are expensive. Models that come equipped with their own internal pump start  at around $1,300.00 and go up from there.
  3. If the ice machine fails and the ice melts it could be a potential disaster, especially if there is wood flooring near.

One last important item to add is to be sure and run a dedicated circuit to the ice machine. That way other source loads won’t effect the ice maker and trip the circuit. Remember if the ice maker loses power the ice will melt and that water is going somewhere.

So if you’re thinking of installing an ice machine be sure to understand the benifits and drawbacks of installing this appliance.

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