Effective Paint Samples

Here is some quick advice for evaluating paint samples.

We all know picking a color from the manufacturer’s paint chips is like playing Russian Roulette.  Never have I chosen a color from one of those cards and had it come out as I had hoped.  Professionals advise that once you have reduced your paint choice to a few finalists, have some samples mixed up and apply the paint color to a wall in the actual room that you will be painting.

But not only that, the way you apply the sample can really impact how it looks. Using a brush to apply the sample color can leave streaks of thick and thin areas of paint.  In the thin areas, the original color of the walls can bleed through and distort the actual color of the new paint.  As a result, you can once again be “surprised” when your newly painted room does not look as you thought it would.

To combat this, I would suggest using a paint roller. Using a smaller roller is fine; just make sure that it will apply a texture similar to what will be used on the final application.  Taking the time to apply a second coat of paint is also advisable. Furthermore, don’t be shy.  Paint a big enough area to give you a good idea of how the final product will look. Cut the sample into some baseboards or door casings to see how they go together (if you are not changing the trim color as well).

While your existing wall color can still play games with the color of your samples, taking these steps will help you to make a more informed decision. Making that more informed decision can potentially save a lot of time and money considering the hassle of having to repaint because your color was “just too pink.”






Submitted by Brian Robbins, Project Mgr


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