Choosing Paint Colors

There is a whole psychology behind how colors affect our moods. For example, green tends to be calming to most people. Blue helps increase our productivity. Choosing the right color for your space can go a long way in creating the perfect mood.




Start with colors you’re attracted to. It may seem obvious, but many people make the mistake of choosing colors based off of trends. However, if you simply don’t like purple, it won’t matter how trendy the color is when you have to live in it every day. Remember though, just like any other trend, what’s hot now will change soon.

If you really want to be on-trend with your choice, try to find one that is closest to a color you already have an affinity for. This will help you have a more lasting happiness with your choice.

Photo credit: This Old House

Consider the space. If your room is small, it’s important to think about how the color will impact the size. Darker colors will make it seem smaller, while lighter colors can give the impression of the room being larger. Different colors also induce different feelings. The color red increases a person’s appetite, therefore painting a dining room red will help create the right mood.

Matching your furniture. You’re not just choosing a color for the walls, you’re choosing one to compliment the entire room. Think about what color will go well with the items in the room. Want to highlight a showcase piece? Find a wall color that will help put that item in the spotlight.

For more information about how different colors affect our mood, check out this Freshome article.

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