Bathroom Nightlight with a Twist


No one likes waking from a peaceful slumber to go to the bathrom. It’s especially cruel since you not only have to have to get up, but also turn on the blindingly bright bathroom light. In fact, sleep studies have shown turning on the bathroom light can actually make it harder for you to go back to sleep. Still, how are you supposed to find your way without stubbing your toe on the toilet?

The homeowner in one of our recent master bathroom remodels had a brilliant ides. Instead of flicking on the main light or keeping the bathroom constantly illuminated by a nightlight, the homeowner asked for lighting under the bottom of the cabinets. This area – also known as the toe kick – is the recessed ledge at the base of the cabinet. Here, we added a switched outlet in the vanity cabinet, allowing rope lighting to be plugged in and run underneath.

The rope lighting offers a soft, ambient light from under the toe kick. It’s a functional and fashionable adult nightlight.

Toe Kick Lighting

You can see the rope light reflecting off the silver onyx Travertine floor.

Now the homeowner can safely answer Nature’s call without turning on the main light or using a traditional, constantly illuminated nightlight.

Here at Keystone Remodeling, we’re always on the lookout for unique ideas and design elements that will enhance the homeowner’s remodel. The rope light nightlight was a simple and easy solution to a nagging problem. If you have similar ideas, or need some inspiration for your remodel, give us a call. We’ll be happy to help you come up with a design that works best for you.

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