A Better Grout to Use


Here at Keystone Remodeling, we have told many a homeowner that grout is often the Achilles’ heel of any tile job. You can toil countless hours to get your grout joints just right, only to have your traditional cement-based grout wind up splotchy, discolored, or marred with efflorescence. Even when following the installation instructions to a “T”, the results can often come out completely wrong. This is especially true when using medium to dark colored grouts.

Then there is the issue of grout protection: when to seal, how to seal, resealing, and so on. Certainly these issues are manageable, but they are still issues to be dealt with, sometimes repeatedly.

Even as a trade professionals, it can be tricky to try out a new product. After all, just like DIY-ers,  we don’t want to have to repeatedly correct grout gone wrong.


Because of our frustration with the status quo cement-based grout, we ventured away from the traditional choices and tried out Bostik’s NeverSeal Urethane Grout.

And we have to say the experience has been very positive with the product. The color continuously proved to be consistent, it is easy to use, and it seems quite waterproof.

The Bostik’s NeverSeal grout costs substantially more than the cement-based grouts (like 10x’s more), and it does have a seven day cure time before it can be exposed to water. Still, even with these drawbacks,  the fact that you will never to seal the grout , or spend time on the sealing process, the Bostik’s NeverSeal grout comes out on top.

Overall, the Bostik’s Neverseal is a great alternative to traditional grouts, particularly for use in wet areas. Now that it’s available at some Floor & Décor retail locations, it is easily available as an alternative. Below is a video by Bostik giving more detail on their product, and demonstrating the installation process.


If you find yourself torn between whether to use a traditional cement-based grout or something like Bostik’s NeverSeal in your remodel, feel free to get in touch with the Keystone team. Our knowledgeable staff can give you the pros and cons, as well as cost effectiveness for your particular needs.

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