Finishing Touches

One way to give a warmer, richer look to your master bathtub is to incorporate the look of your cabinetry onto the face of the tub.  This approach can be used when you have a solid surface – granite or cultured marble – on the tub deck. Below is an example of a recent bathroom remodel where Keystone Remodeling continued the look of the homeowner’s new cabinetry into the look of the bathtub.


Cold Tub LookWarm Tub Look


You can see the stark contrast between the two looks. The updated bath (pictured right) has a full and elegant warmth to it, whereas before it was bland and somewhat washed out. By carrying the cabinetry throughout the bathroom, as well as adding complimentary tile colors, we were able to help this homeowner completely change the ambiance of the master bathroom.

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