Proper Way to Install PVC Show Pan Liner & Mud Bed


A number of years back Keystone Remodeling wrote a blog on the proper way to install a PVC shower pan liner and mud bed. While those procedures are still the proper way to install that type of shower pan, it is not the only way.  In fact, since the posting of that blog, we have changed the materials and procedures we use to construct tiled shower pans.

If you ask the question, “Why did Keystone Remodeling change your procedures and materials for the construction of tiled shower pan?” I would say, “Thanks for asking!” We’ve found that there are some inherit challenges in a shower system that is designed to have some of the water travel through the mud bed to be expelled through weep wholes (as is the case with a PVC liner system).  With the rise of shower systems designed to have ALL the water go down the drain without any going through the mud bed, we’ve adopted this change and are very happy with the results.

There are a number of manufacturer’s with shower systems that employ this type of technology. What these systems have in common is the entire wet area, both shower floor and shower walls are covered with a waterproofing membrane overlaping the top of the drain.  In this way there is no opportunity for water to make it into the mud bed and no need for weep wholes at the base of the drain.

Product availability can be found in some Big Box retailers.  We use a Schluter-Kerdi shower system.  This system can use preformed foam bases (great for the DIY’er), or a custom floated mud bed for odd shaped showers.

Below is a product demonstration and installation video from the manufacturer:

Submitted by Brian Robbins, Project Mgr

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